Cap badge, London Transport, about 1980
Cap badge for staff uniform of London Transort and Green Line Bus Bus Company. One of a collection of items relating to local man, Mr (Harry) H E Franklin, who was a bus driver for the Green Line Bus Company (part of London Transport), probably his whole career. He wrote on the back of a postcard (2013.24.2) and he lists the routes he worked on as Tunbridge Wells 704, Sevenoaks 705 and Epping and
Photograph, The Windsor Model Aeroplane Club, about 1912
Sydney Camm is best known as the aeronautical engineer who designed the Hawker Hurricane aircraft, a particularly brilliant fighter plane that dominated the Luftwaffe air force during the Battle of Britain. Camm’s abiding passion for aeronautics, however, derived from an early interest in model planes. Indeed, such was Camm’s fondness for model aircraft that he played a principal role in estab
Copy photograph (1990) Master S Maun, probably about 1920
Laser copy of a photograph of S Maun, stationmaster of Windsor and Eton GWR station - a full-length photo of the stationmaster standing outside the royal waiting-room doors. He was stationmaster from 1900 to 1925 and we think this photo was taken about 1920. We also have a copy of his diary (1058.86) in the Museum Collection. the royal waiting-room building still stands and in the 2000s, became pa
Leather bag, date unknown
Leather bag used for collecting fares on the local bus service of A Moore & Sons. Known by the locals as the ‘Brown Bus’ due to the colour of the vehicles, Imperial provided a cheap, friendly service that was very popular. A. Moore and Sons, trading as ‘Imperial’, began fully-fledged bus services in 1926, although a carrier and removal business already existed. Routes served Slough fr
AVRO Cowley aeroplane engine, about 1912
This 20.hp AVRO Cowley engine was bought by the Windsor Aero Club from famed Irish aviatrix, Lilian Bland. It cost them £25.00. Miss Bland, who built and flew her own aeroplane, the Mayfly, was persuaded by her father to give up on aviation because it proved too costly and dangerous a hobby. The aeroplane was subsequently broken up and sold on, and this is how the engine came in to the possession
Photograph, Glider in flight,1910
P.Y. Alexander was a pioneer balloonist, meteorologist, aeronautical engineer and friend to the Wright Brothers. Here, we can see his ‘man-carrying’ Windsor Glider in flight at a meeting of the Hampshire Aero Club in Gosport in 1910. The Glider was built in Windsor at the Imperial Service College.
Postcard from First Aerial Post, 1911
A commemorative postcard celebrating Great Britain's first aerial post-delivery, landing in Windsor in 1911. On Saturday 9th September, 1911, a pilot named Gustav Hamel piloted a Bleriot XI from Hendon to Windsor to deliver the first official Arial Mail carried in Great Britain. Within the contents of the pilot’s mailbag were 300-400 letters and about 800 of the aforementioned commemorative post
Postcard from First Aerial Post, 1911
Postcard of First UK Aerial Post, 1911, depicts an aeroplane over Windsor Castle; franked 'First United Kingdom Aerial Post, Windsor' and 'Cricklewood'; addressed to Miss Julie Williams, North Lodge, Winkfield.
Book illustration, about 1911
The illustration is a photograph of the delivery of the aerial post at Windsor by a Bleriot monoplane from Hendon, 1911. Shows postmen, Butler and Kersley, taking over the mail from the aviator, Mr Hamel. SL The postmen, Messrs Butler and Kersley, retrieve the first aerial mail from the renowned aviator, Gustav Hamel (1889-1914). Hamel conveyed a consignment of post a distance of about 20 miles in
Model, Balloon basket, dated early 20th century
Model balloon basket made for, and formed part of collection of Patrick Young Alexander (28 March 1867 - 7 July 1943). P.Y. Alexander was a pioneer balloonist, meteorologist, aeronautical engineer and friend to the Wright Brothers. This model was probably used as a teaching tool, when he was teaching in his later life at the Imperial Serivce College, Windsor. Seek out the story of P Y Alexander an
Balloon Trophy, 1898
Awarded to Patrick Young Alexander. He was a supporter and funder of early pioneers in flight. The dedication on the trophy has been translated and reads: dedicated to P Y Alexander. In memory of the Ascent of 15 September 1898 by the German Society for the Furthering of Aeronautics in Berlin.’ P.Y. Alexander was a pioneer balloonist, meteorologist, aeronautical engineer and friend to the Wright
Three Photographs, 1911
A set of three black and white photographs which record the arrival of the first consignment of aerial post in Great Britain in 1911. Renowned German aviator, Gustav Hamel, conveyed the post a distance of about 20 miles in 15 minutes, travelling from Hendon to Windsor in a 1910 Bleriot Monoplane. Quite naturally, the flight was the talk of the town and huge crowds gathered at both sites to watch t